Road marking machine

Road marking machine Road marking machine Road marking machine

Product name:Road marking machine


Price:US $550


 As you can see in the form above,there are three types cold spraying marking machines in our factory.
X6 and X8 are used for general runway while X6A is used for plastic runway.There are the details below.

Manual traffic signs road marking machine

1.Motor: Adopt dc brushless motor sealing, long service life, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost.

2.Plunger pump body: Adopts full invasive lubrication oil, hydraulic power, reduce the wear and tear. Service life of up to forty thousand hours.

3.Gasket: Using the elaborate casting from the United States imported raw materials. Super durable, whether in winter or in summer can be used freely, acid and alkali resistance, fatigue resistance, change of easy and convenient.

4.Absorb pipe network: Vertical body, pipettes do a cleaning easy, one can be independent mobile convenient operation. Corrosion resistant stainless steel processing, the lining does not fall off without clogging. Liquid absorption filter solved into the liquid surface is small, the problem of easy blockage, increase into the liquid area, narrow space. The built-in filter.

5.The valve body: Into the liquid valve and the liquid valve adopts the ball body porcelain beads super durable, more than the traditional steel ball than dozens of times. Continuous surface, not broken.

6.Voltage regulation: Mechanical automatic regulating pressure stable, no pulse, oil cutting type protection, long service life. Easy maintenance, maintenance.

7.The frame: Adopt vertical design compact practical mobile convenience, removable, the frame can be easily wrapped around 30 m high pressure hose, the overall equipment is easy to do.

8.Configuration: High-power electric and fuel type a variety of design, traffic flow, double gun configuration can support double gun operation at the same time. Need not equipped with air compressor, avoid double maintenance, reduce the save maintenance costs, reduce unnecessary trouble, save energy.

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